antique oak sectional corner Globe Wernicke bookcase in original condition, build to last !! SOLD

Fantastic original oak stackeble Globe Wernicke bookcase. It has a lovely patination and the colour is golden oak, total height 290, top condition. These antique original bookcases are patented in the U.K. in 1891, and in 1896 in france, Belgium and Canada.

The Globe-Wernicke Company was formed as a result of the Cincinnati based Globe Files Company (est. in 1882) purchasing the Minneapolis based Wernicke Company, founded in 1893 by Otto Wernicke, in 1899. The company is best known for their high end bookcases, Desks, and other office furniture. Globe Wernicke established factories in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France and Germany.

The company patented the 'elastic bookcases' also known as a modular bookcase. These were a high quality stacking book shelves, with a standard width of 34 inches, in oak, walnut and mahogany, capable of being adapted to fit together to form a bookcase which could either be all of the same measurements or which could be re-arranged by the insertion of units of different depths and heights. These glass fronted shelves are today collectible antiques highly desired by collectors. With regularity, these bookcases appear in auctions and internet sites and, what originally cost $75 or so will now be sold for $900 or more.[1]

During World War II 90% of the company's business in the US was converted to produce military equipment

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