antique sectional oak library corner Globe Wernicke bookcase

We had to build for an American customer one of the largest Globe Wernicke library in the world with all original elements. Unless this original Globe Wernicke flexible system is a litle bit more expensive of a new build in library, this one looks ten times better and will always be desired.  This customer is an IT industry company who wants for there employees the right envoirement for study and meetings in a combination of antiques with design, it will be a fantastic place to be. For us a lot of work and finding the right elements.  The bookcase is build up with a base, three elements of 35 cm deep, first element with a panel.  On top of these three elements, one section of 37 high, 4 elemnts of 27 cm high finished with a top. In total 8 sections with a base and a top. Total height is 288,5 cm, width 5  rows left 5 X 86,5 = 432,5 plus corner section 42  makes 474,5 cm out of the corner.

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