antique elastic, sectional mahogony Globe Wernicke corner bookcase

For those who wants an antique boocases but also wants to be flexible in width, height and depth.

Very rare antique mahogony library Globe Wernicke bookcase in original and restored condition. These elastic bookcases fits in evrybodies room, office or stufy by the ingious modulair system. If you want more information please call 00 31 6 18 510 343 or email we ship around the world.

We are the world specialists in building bookcases of the original manufacturer Globe Wernicke, in oak or mahogany.  Globe-Wernicke was first established in 1899 when Otto Wernicke, owner of Wernicke Furniture Co bought the Globe Company. Wernicke also acquired the Fred Macey Co which also made the well known stacking barrister bookcases like the ones we very often have for sale. Globe Wernicke was the main maker and supplier of this type of stacking bookcase until it fell into receivership in 1932 because of the Depression but then it re opened in 1934. Globe Wernicke had factories building furniture in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France and Germany. They were very well known for quality and craftsmanship, but mostly known for their stacking book shelves, that can be adapted to fit together to form a bookcase which could either be all of the same measurements or which could be re-arranged by the insertion of units of different depths and heights. They also can have writing sections, glass sections or cupboards that can fit together making your own unique design. If you are interested in buyingthe original bookcase sections please let us know what you desire and we always make you a good deal with the highest possible service.

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